Ashes At Sea By BOLO


                                  Our Mission

During this difficult time, we understand how important it is to commemorate the life of your loved one.  BOLO Team offers private, honorable, and affordable services.  Your loved one's ashes can be set free into the beautiful and tranquil Gulf Stream. Let the BOLO Team help you create the most appropriate and distinctive service as you send the one you love on their next journey.

        BOLO Team is the leading provider for dignified scattering of ashes from one of our team of four sportfishing boats. We are fully staffed with captains who have had years of experience in this unique and cherished service. We are also conveniently based at the Hillsboro Inlet Marina in Pompano Beach, which provides ample free parking, and the Cove Marina at Deerfield Beach.

        BOLO Team has found increasing demand and client enquiries for ash-scattering.  We now have considerable experience working with a number of Crematoria and other providers of funeral services. We have established a reputation through referrals as a reliable, professional provider of ash-scattering services to funeral homes and crematoria. We provide our clients with the same caring manner, dignity, and attention to detail provided in any memorial service.